Pedro G贸mez

New Open Training Season - Q1 2019

2018 is ending and the new year's resolutions are something we should start thinking about 馃My goals for 2019 from the tech viewpoint are always related to three similar points:

  • Learn a new language.
  • Improve my automated test skills.
  • Enhance my knowledge about software design patterns and architecture.

Based on this continuous improvement milestone, and to let you start your new year's resolutions as soon as possible we've released a new Karumi Open Training Season with four new Open Training editions we will perform in Madrid starting in January 2019 馃帀

Learn how to cover your code with automated tests you can trust for complete peace of coding mind. Automate your QA process by improving the quality of your app, using different testing approaches, including stubbing HTTP, UI tests based on injected test doubles, screenshot testing or the classic unit/integration tests.

Learn how to accelerate development and eliminate boilerplate code using the latest language developed by Jet Brains and adopted by Google. Kotlin will provide all the features you always wanted to use.

Starting from the most basic arithmetic operations to its functional programming features, we will learn how to program in Swift effectively. We will apply this knowledge with exercises during the whole training.

Learn how to design software you can genuinely feel proud of. Design structured software easy to scale up, evolve, and maintain. Create a robust architecture based on the most important patterns and principles of the software design.


Two excellent training designed to learn two impressive programming languages and to let you create awesome software using Swift and Kotlin! And another two astonishing training about automated testing and architecture 馃憦

Today we've released the new season, and we strongly recommend you to get your tickets as soon as possible. There are just a bunch of 馃惁馃師early bird tickets 馃惁馃師

See you all in our next training. 馃憢

Pedro G贸mez

I'm a software engineer focused on new technologies, open source, clean code, and testing. Right now I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Karumi, a little software development studio.