Pedro Gómez

Google Certified Agency!

Let's celebrate! After years contributing to the Android community and also the Open Source community we've been officially awarded the title of Google Certified Agency for Android. We are the only Google Certified Agency in Spain, the first software development agency awarded with this certification in our country.


This program has been designed specifically for world-class software development agencies. Google knows that quality matters, that SOLID software is fundamental when talking about product development and this certification is a quality seal from their side. Here you can find all the information related to this award.

There are some program benefits associated with this certification really interesting for our team and clients:

  • Training on latest Google APIs, developer technologies, and best practices
  • Invitations to events specially designed for software development agencies
  • Recognition and showcase opportunities
  • Participation in Early Access programs
  • 1:1 online support from Google
  • UX reviews for apps

During the rest of 2017 and the following 2018, we will continue contributing to the Android community with awesome open source repositories, blog posts, talks and trainings!

We'd like to thank our team, the Android development community, Google Developers Groups and every development groups who helped us to contribute and collaborate :)


Pedro Gómez

I'm a software engineer focused on new technologies, open source, clean code, and testing. Right now I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Karumi, a little software development studio.