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馃帀 5th Mobile Testing Training Edition is over 馃帀

Last week our Mobile Testing Open Training ended after the last class about property-based testing馃憦 Fourteen astonishing Software Engineers for top companies like Cabify, Mercadona, Liferay, MyTaxi, Jobandtalent and Klikin enjoyed our 6 lessons training practicing somme different testing frameworks for Android and iOS.

The challenge was exciting. During 24 hours split into 4 hours sessions, we gave them talks explaining a wide range of testing strategies for Android and iOS applications. After the course, attendees were able to finish a full exercise with our help 馃槺

The training started with Sergio Arroyo's master class about testing taxonomy! After the talk, it was time for practicing some unit testing with a classic kata known as "string calculator". After that, we worked on refactoring a real world application with untestable code in order to make it testable and test it using unit tests. Later, we moved to integration testing showing how using Stubbing HTTP and integration tests we can cover our repositories and API client implementations.

During the rest of the days, we needed about 3 hours for exercises and 1 hour to explain the theory, and we reviewed a lot of topics and testing strategies:

  • Testable code.
  • Test Doubles.
  • Tests taxonomy.
  • Continuous integration.
  • Testing for mobile.
  • Unit tests.
  • Integration tests.
  • HTTP Stubbing.
  • UI tests.
  • Screenshot tests.
  • Property-based testing.
  • Software design patterns for tests.

During the following days, we covered all the topics described above and proposed different challenges to our attendees they resolved with our help.

Additionally, as this edition was really fast solving these exercises, we decided to practice a new testing topic named Snapshot Testing frequently used in React applications, but this time in Kotlin and Swift. For this testing technique we used KotlinSnapshot and Swift Snapshot Testing.

By the end of the training, our attendees were able to write tests for any app you can imagine. From refactoring code to make it testable and test it using unit test, to the use of HTTP stubbing and integration tests combined with UI/Screenshot testing. At the end of the training, our fourteen new attendees were ready to rock 馃馃徎while testing their apps.

If you are interested in our training, we have some new open training events in our office for February and March. Take a look 馃憠

If you'd like to perform any of our training at your offices, you can always contact us at, and we can move to your offices when needed.

Pedro G贸mez

I'm a software engineer focused on new technologies, open source, clean code, and testing. Right now I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Karumi, a little software development studio.