Pedro Gómez

Refuel your Android skills

The Android community has definitively moved from writing coupled code on top of god activities using Java, to write testable, concise, and structured code in Kotlin.

The application business code is not part of our activities anymore and new patterns like MVP, MVVM or Repositories are now part of our daily vocabulary. Writing our business logic core completely decoupled from the framework being used as the delivery mechanism is the rule of thumb we need to follow when we want to write high-quality applications. Testing our Android apps using different testing strategies from unit testing to screenshot testing guarantee we are shipping world-class applications to our clients. Developing features using a language such as Kotlin help us to write concise code we can easily read while using killer features like lambda functions, coroutines, optionals, sealed classes, extension methods, etc.

But staying up to date is hard and we know it. That's why today we are releasing three new training editions and opening three new open training at our Madrid HQs: Kotlin, Android Jetpack, and Android Testing Training

These three brand new training were born based on the experience of our developers writing Android apps using Kotlin and the new Android Jetpack tooling. From 3 to 6 days of training full of coding hours with exercises and talks you can easily follow to master this new language and libraries created by Google and JetBrains.

Thanks to these courses you'll learn how to write awesome applications your users are going to love using Kotlin and the new Android Jetpack libraries. And of course, how to automatically test these applications writing automated tests. These are some of the topics covered during these training:

  • Data binding.
  • Lifecycles.
  • Live data.
  • Navigation.
  • Room.
  • Work Manager.
  • Lambdas usage.
  • Optionals.
  • Corutines.
  • Sealed classes.
  • Unit testing.
  • Usage of test doubles.
  • Stubbing HTTP.
  • UI testing with espresso.
  • Screenshot testing.

If you'd like to improve your Android skills contact us through our site or send us an email at and we'll find a date to perform these training at your office or in our headquarters.

We are also opening three open training events you can attend at our offices during the second half of the year. Just grab the ticket, save the date and you'll be having fun while learning how to build Android apps in Kotlin using the latest Android Jetpack libraries you can cover with tests written in Espresso and many other different testing strategies.

Get your early bird tickets soon!

See you there!

Pedro Gómez

I'm a software engineer focused on new technologies, open source, clean code, and testing. Right now I'm working as a Senior Software Engineer at Karumi, a little software development studio.