FlowUp: Announcing a new perspective

It's two years now already that we launched FlowUp, the first product designed by Karumi. Our idea was to bet for quality software and helping companies to understand their mobiles apps issues in the real world. We saw that there were applications that were able to track and send errors from production apps directly from the user mobile phones. However, none of them offer to see the performance of your app and gather information about memory usage, disk usage and frames per seconds in real-time. Performance data was for us big differentiator for these companies. FlowUp was well received, much business supported since day one and the feedback was terrific. We were filling a hole in a market, and that was wonderful.

The time proves us that we were right and this necessity was real for a broad audience. Other significant players also started releasing software to cover some aspect that we handled on FlowUp. That was validating our idea and reinforcing our belief that we were going in the right direction.

We want to see FlowUp grow and become in a tool more powerful than it is. However, due to the growth of Karumi and our culture, it was difficult to go as fast to product needed. Seeing that, we sat down to search for possible solutions and how we could face this challenges without losing these values in which we believe. After thinking about it and speaking with quite a lot of people these last months. We have taken the decision that is best to reconsider this project and include you in, you the users in it.

We have released FlowUp as an open source project. That includes dashboard frontends, metrics aggregator backends and the SDK for Android and iOS will be open source. With this, anyone will be able to set up his own FlowUp and integrate the SDK against their own server.

The Karumi team will stay as maintainer of the code from the FlowUp GitHub organisation. We will apply the same philosophy that we follow in others open source project. Listening to the community and accepting any contribution. All the work we made this past two years will also become yours.

On the other side, we will stop maintaining the FlowUp servers. We will give enough time for the people that have the SDK in their apps to be able to set up their services. We already spoke with our paying customers, and we offered them custom solutions for them. From Karumi we are still open to these businesses that are interested in FlowUp. Also, we can provide consulting services, that can go from setting up the systems to developing functionalities.

FlowUp is changing for better, changing to grow with you and adapt to your necessities.